International investments

Polish entrepreneurs more often decide to do business outside the country. This is favored by, among others, open borders, continuous development of new technologies, and continuously expanded knowledge of foreign languages. However, we perfectly understand that opening a company branch in a foreign country or even a continent can cause several legal problems. Like any investment, it also involves known financial risk. To facilitate business expansion for entrepreneurs, we offer professional support.

For years, we have been cooperating with enterprises that conduct business in Africa, Asia and other continents. Thanks to our practical experience, we know what problems entrepreneurs face. We are also familiar with all of the legal measures that can help to solve business issues.

We provide:

  • Professional advice on capital investments as well as on capital exit from investments.
  • Support in choosing the legal form of conducting business along with comprehensive risk analysis.
  • Permanent legal service for investments, including consultancy regarding commercial law, industrial property law or labor law.
  • Conducting mergers and acquisitions.
  • Representation in administrative cases.

International investments are demanding and multi-faceted enterprises. It is, therefore, worth using the help of professionals in time. Working with experts is a guarantee of saving time and minimizing the risk of making costly mistakes.

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International investments

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