Register proceedings (KRS)

The need to initiate or participate in the broadly understood registration proceedings is a permanent element of running a business. Sooner or later, almost every entrepreneur has to deal with problems related to registration proceedings. These are usually complicated and formalized matters requiring specific knowledge.

At the Walczak Wasielewska Law Firm, when conducting broadly understood registration proceedings, we focus on the result. We believe that there are no hopeless cases and we do everything to ensure that our client achieves exactly the goal he wants.

  • As part of our services, we help our clients in activities including: Comprehensive preparation of registration documentation and registration of companies, associations, organizations and foundations.
  • Amending articles of association.
  • Broadly understood transformations of companies.
  • Increasing the share capital.
  • Redemption of shares and reduction of share capital.
  • Preparation of agreements between shareholders / associates.
  • Withdrawing shares.
  • Dissolving and liquidating companies.

Recently, we had conducted many complicated registry proceedings. Our rich experience and constantly expanded knowledge allow us to fully serve our clients. Trust the professionals and entrust us with your problem.

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Register proceedings (KRS)

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