Posting employees

Posting an employee is an opportunity for the development of both the employee and the company. It is often used by large companies. In legal terms, however, it is a complicated undertaking. Entrepreneur, delegating an employee, often has to comply with not only Polish but also European or international regulations. It is precisely the need to comply with overlaping legal regulations that makes the posting of employees problematic.

Responding to the needs of entrepreneurs, we offer professional support in internal and cross-border posting – including project managers, engineers, as well as carers for the elderly. We also provide training for companies that face the need to post employees. In the broadly understood posting of employees, we solve the problems of our clients including:

  • Unstructured documentation
  • Erroneous HR department settlements, eg. regarding delegations
  • Social insurance of posted employees
  • Ambiguities reagrding the processing of employee’s personal data
  • Unconscious increase the risk of inspection and the risk of failing it

Legal issues related to the posting of employees are complicated and require high precision. It is not worth to act on your own – we will be happy to help also your company. Feel free to contact us.

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Posting employees

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