Responsibility for products

Manufacturers and distributors are responsible for the products they produce or distribute. There are many problems that can arise between the production and the consumer – ranging from the lack of a proper entry strategy, through the lack of appropriate procedures in case of problems with the product, to the need to recall it from the market.

Matters related to product liability require not only perfect orientation in the regulations, but also exceptional meticulousness. Thanks to our experience in matters related to product liability, we can solve your company’s problems, including:

  • Lack of awareness of product liability in the target market
  • Initial problems with entering the market, including finding the right strategy and looking for a place on the market
  • Lack of proper procedures in case of a dangerous product event or detection of a product defect
  • Ensuring general safety of products and set specific requirements for a given type of products
  • Determining appropriate remedies for dangerous products
  • Recalling dangerous products from the market

Responsibility for the product is a serious responsibility, generating equally serious consequences. It is not worth taking risks. We will be happy to help you solve all the problems you face between the production and the consumer. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Responsibility for products

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