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For years, we have the pleasure of working with clients cooperating with contractors from around the world. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work effectively with enterprises operating, for example, in African and Asian countries.

We also provide comprehensive assistance in connection with the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic. We help to solve problems against the background of continuity of supplies related to closing EU borders, movement of employees, or decontamination of goods. We genuinely believe that the knowledge of the right legal tools and the quick implementation of the proper actions will allow many companies to survive this difficult period safely.

We have exceptional knowledge of the specificity of non-European markets. When planning activities, we also take into account cultural and business aspects. The legal assistance we offer is not only practical but also individualized. We are not afraid to act outside the box. We perfectly understand that this is often necessary for international business.

To our clients, we provide:

  • comprehensive assistance in all legal matters,
  • crisis support, in particular in the face of a coronavirus pandemic,
  • representation in negotiations,
  • labor law consultancy with international elements,
  • assistance in connection with the fulfillment of obligations or the enforcement of claims.

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Services for companies cooperating with contractors outside Europe

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